Navarino Natura Hall interactive exhibition
Client: Costa Navarino  / Agency: Organization Earth / Production company: K&G
Navarino Natura Hall is an interactive environmental exhibition centre in Costa Navarino operating in collaboration with Stockholm University, the Academy of Athens and a number of NGOs. It provides a unique insight into the rich and diverse environment of Messinia, with interactive features that allow visitors “experience” Messinian flora and fauna, along with inspirational content that highlights Costa Navarino’s commitment to environmental responsibility.
The centre enables visitors, university students, local schoolchildren and the public to familiarize themselves with environmental protection issues. It is also committed to encouraging participation in the global effort to tackle climate change, while presenting the results of the research programs being carried out at Navarino Environmental Observatory (NEO).
This was an amazing joint project of several teams working in parallel and in close cooperation for nearly a year. We were lucky enough to have designed and implemented all the audiovisual content and interactive installations (digital signage, interactive games, info kiosks, 360 degree and virtual reality videos etc.).

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