Alex, John, Konstantinos and Sergio.
Rex Bites was founded in Athens in 2012 by a group of creative, free-thinking individuals led by creative director & producer Alex Bardis, motion designer John Giannakopoulos, visual journalist Konstantinos Antonopoulos and designer & director Sergio Kotsovoulos.
We were sitting around a kitchen table eating lunch when we decided that we were hungry -not for more food, but to do things differently. We wanted to break free from the shackles of traditional agencies or production companies and be 100% independent. To be free to do the best work possible.
Today, we are still fiercely independent and there are more than 20 like-minded people in our family. Because everybody who is passionate about great work is always welcome at our table.
Meet Rex, our adopted office dog and the inspiration behind our name and logo. Here at Rex Bites we definitely welcome animals, and having him is a simple way to boost morale and improve communication. In a workplace that requires creative thinking, problem solving, and technical skills, taking short mental breaks is sure to lead to added productivity. Rex helps us step away from the screen and feel refreshed and energized when we return from a quick walk, making us work more effectively. 

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