VR Uplifting Experience
Client: Kleemann
Kleemann is a major lift company in the European and global market and wanted to showcase their best-selling products to visitors in their exhibition stands at various expos around the world. Instead of showing static, boring elevator models, we created a Virtual Reality Experience application, with which the visitors of the stand were able to travel digitally to 4 major projects and feel the experience of moving in these lifts. The special 17tn cabin in the Moscow’s Kremlin in Russia, the special panoramic cabin in Mary Rose’s Museum in Portsmouth, the special cabin at the Oil Rig in Norway and the design cabin by Andreas Zapatinas located in the Kleemann Tower. We combined live action, 3D animation, motion graphics and sound effects in order to convey immersion, fun and brand promise in minimal viewing time.
The project was developed exclusively for use with the Samsung Galaxy / Gear VR combo. The immersive experience came complete with 3D audio, specially designed for noise-cancelling headphones.
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